Canon Colorado 1650 UV Gel Printer

Canon Colorado 1650 UV Gel Printer

The Flexible Choice

The Colorado 1650 printer offers a truly impressive application range thanks to two new innovative technologies: the more flexible and stretchable formulation of the Canon UVgel 460 inks and the ingenious Océ FLXfinish technology. The new inks provide excellent image stability, even when folded, bent, or wrapped. And with the Océ FLXfinish technology, you can print your applications with either a beautiful glossy finish or a luxurious matte finish, independent of media type, expanding the range of your expression. Think of designer wallpaper, stunning decals, luxurious soft signage, and frontlits and backlits with the deepest black that make people stop and take notice.

In developing UVgel, Canon’s objective was to harness the strengths of traditional roll-to-roll printing technologies — while eliminating their respective limitations and, ultimately, enable print service providers to be more productive and cost-effective with their large format roll printing applications.

This printer opens doors for new experiences with eye-catching smooth gloss or rich velvety matte output — all at the push of a button. Our focus on helping print service providers resulted in a printer that allows you to expand your opportunities by giving you greater creative control over look and feel. With your own Colorado series printer, you can give your customers what they need while improving your bottom line. Rely on instant-dry prints on a wide range of materials thanks to market-proven Canon UVgel technology, unattended production, and breakthrough productivity. Always meet challenging customer requests with ‘yes, of course.’

The Colorado series 64″ roll-to-roll printers are powered by the patented Canon UVgel technology. Produce scratch-resistant, odorless prints that require no drying time and enjoy the rich, colorful, razor-sharp images and impressive application range that are the hallmarks of the gel advantage. The Colorado 1650 printers are designed with your business needs in mind, with print speeds that help you smoothly manage peak periods, improved profitability — thanks to reduced ink usage — and premium print quality on even the most basic media. Unprecedented levels of automation reduce the overhead from routine tasks such as, media loading and daily maintenance, and free up your operators to focus on what really matters.

• Breakthrough productivity to meet today’s short turnaround times with ease

• Never-seen-before automation for nonstop printing without babysitting

• Low cost of operation to maximize profitability

• Wide application range for addressing a broad range of customer needs

• Robust, industrial production platform for peace of mind

• Industry-leading color consistency and dimensional stability