Mimaki CJV300Plus Printer/Cutters

Mimaki CJV300Plus Printer/Cutters

Environmental consideration, economic performance, and work efficiency have been added as “Plus” features as well as high function.

Available Models

CJV300-130 Plus- Maximum print/cut width: 53.6″

CJV300-160 Plus- Maximum print/cut width: 63.4″

Adoption of ID Cut!

– With this single unit, work efficiency of Print & Cut can be improved – What is ID Cut? When the printing operation is performed using CJV300-130/160 Plus and the included Rasterlink 6 Plus software, ID that has recorded cutting information as well as material rotation information is printed out simultaneously. When the register mark sensor reads such ID, it asks the applicable PC to send cutting data information to it, and starts the cutting operation automatically. Since ID is printed out in four directions, a correct cutting operation will be performed because the machine recognizes an orientation of any media, regardless of orientation of such media.  It eliminates the need for any operator to give cutting instruction to each data from RIP software unlike before while it makes it possible to do cutting operation, and prevents media loss due to a data transmission mistake.

Ethernet supported!

– Support for Ethernet connection implements free and efficient work environment – To the conventional connection method to PC for RIP, Ethernet connection has newly been added. Unlike the conventional USB connection, connection via Ethernet can be established via network cable, and thus connection to a printer from any PC within network is now available. More free and efficient work-site environment can be put in place, by editing data using any PC in your office, then sending print data directly to a printer in your work operation site, for example.

Ecology & Economy are newly added features

A new Mimaki Eco-cartridge(*) has been adopted with a replaceable 600ml ink pack. The Eco-cartridge is a reusable plastic case with a 600ml ink pack that can be replaced by customers. Using the Eco-cartridge will reduce the disposal of plastic 440ml cartridge every time ink is replaced, leading to environmental protection. In addition, the increased ink capacity reduces the need for cartridge replacement and add labor-saving process & business efficiency. The 8 colors (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Lk, Or) of SS21 600ml ink pack are newly prepared for the Eco-cartridge application. (*) The Mimaki Eco-cartridge is only compatible with 600ml ink packs.

Adoption of Eco-cartridge

Newly added functions to support higher image quality and stability In ordinary textile printers, the straight pass boundaries often results in bandings and discoloration due to slight misalignment. The “MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4)” functionality provides gradation to printed pass boundaries and reduces banding and uneven color, achieving a beautiful printing result.

Mimaki’s original 3-way intelligent heater

This 3-way intelligent heater fixes ink droplets placed on media in position. While temperature is controlled with Mimaki’s original technology, heat is applied to media, and ink droplets are fixed in position with excellent color development and high-quality image being maintained. It achieves both stable color development and easy handling after output.

· Pre-heater: Heats media to optimum temperature before printing

· Print heater: Dries ink droplets placed on media prior to ink bleeding, improving color development

· Post-heater: Accelerates ink drying, realizing a stable winding

· Top blower: Provides air blow to support ink drying