Kern Optiflex Series

Kern Optiflex Series

Platform Overview

The OptiFlex is Kern’s flagship high-performance laser system. The HyperDual motion package installed on the OptiFlex is setting the standard for large format laser cutting and engraving machines. This improved motion system features a rack and pinion design and powerful servo motors at each side of the laser table. Cut acceleration rates are up to three times faster with a 100% increase in top-end vector speed. The X-axis has also been upgraded with twin linear rails and a thicker steel reinforced belt.

Available Laser Wattages

100, 150, 200, 250, 400, or 700 watts

Available Bed Sizes

52″x50″, 52″x100″, 60″120″, or 80″x120″

Standard Features:

· HyperDual Servo Motion Package

· Blower Package/Vacuum Table

· High-Performance Computer and LCD Monitor

· 2.5” S-Focus Optics Assembly

· Laser Tool Kit

· Closed Loop Chiller

· KCAM Laser Software

· CorelDRAW Graphics Suite with PDF Exporter Tool

· UL Certified Electrical Panel

· Steel Chassis

Optional Features:

· Metal cutting option

· K-Vision camera registration

· Rotary device

· Fume extraction Filter System

· 1.5”, 5” and 7.5” FL optic assemblies