GFP 230C 30" Cold Laminator

Mount & Laminate Even the Small Stuff...

The Gfp 230C 30″ Cold Laminator is the perfect complement to the latest wide format inkjet printers. Its space-saving size, efficient set-up and operation, and entry level pricing will add value – and profit – to photo and printed media output. The compact 230C delivers consistently professional results making it ideal for photo studios, copy shops and graphic designers.

ENTRY LEVEL PRICED- Designed for small operations

USER FRIENDLY- Intuitive controls

VERSATILE- Mount, laminate, pre-mask tape

PROFESSIONAL DESIGN- Rugged, reliable, feature-rich

COMPACT SIZE- Uses less than 5 square feet of floor space

Easy set-up & low maintenance make it a hit with new users.  Quality results keep customers coming back. Performance rivals

systems costing thousands more.

• Fits easily in your office

• Quick and easy set-up

• Infinite hand wheel adjustment

• 2.5″ diameter rollers

• Foot pedal and stand included