GFP 200 Series Laminators

GFP Cold Laminators in 55" & 63" Widths

The Gfp 200 Series laminators are the affordable alternative to time-consuming hand finishing with rollers and squeegees. Now even the smallest shops can compete for bigger jobs with confidence. The 200 Series will shorten production time, increase profitability and produce consistently professional results. Easy set-up & low maintenance make them a hit with new users. Quality results keep customers coming back. Performance rivals systems costing thousands more.

AFFORDABLY PRICED- Designed for small shop operations

SIMPLE TO OPERATE with labor saving features

FEATURE-RICH- Produces professional results

RUGGED DESIGN- For years of maintenance-free service

COMPLETE MOBILITY- Moves on stand with casters

• Labor saving Quick-Grip aluminum film shafts for easy loading

• Variable roller gap to 1″

• Single pressure adjustment

• 4.5″ diameter rollers

• Chain drive rewind

• 38″ output height