CWT 1640 Worktables

CWT 1640 Worktables

Why this worktable?

The CWT 1640 Regular and Premium Worktables are strong production machines built for working long shifts uninterrupted.  This is the machine for you if you want all the features, high production capacity, but do not need maximum table surface. If you have mounted a print to a board by hand or with a laminator before, you will love seeing how easily this machine does it, and wrinkle free nearly every time! The foam roller makes it all possible.

With a table size of 5′ 3″ x 13′ and a working area of 5′ 1.5″ x 11′ 8″, most any common rigid substrate you can buy can be accomodated and you can use the table to apply the graphic.

CWT 1640 Premium Model

The CWT Premium tables offer three additional benefits- Premium tables have LED kits, a leg roll holder below the table, and table top roll holder.

The Benefits of a Laminating Worktable

CWT work tables are easy to use so there is no need for special staff. Most people can operate the applicator within one hour with fantastic results. The CWT flat bed applicator gives much better control and less waste than conventional roll laminators due to the easy and precise positioning of the materials and allows a much wider range of materials to be laminated. The modular design makes the CWT worktable easy to transport and install. The units are delivered in compact packages, so that, if needed, the slim package can easily be brought inside customer facilities through normal sized doors. All CWT tables come with the compressor included.