Colex SharpCut SXC Series Flatbed Cutter Conveyor & Auto Feeder

Colex SharpCut SXC Series Flatbed Cutter Conveyor & Auto Feeder

An easy-to-use cutting solution with an intuitive software at its core.

The Colex Sharpcut is an easy-to-use cutting solution with an intuitive software platform at its core. Though competitively positioned, it is not to be underestimated for its versatility, throughput, and its ability to help you unlock the full potential of your flatbed or roll-to-roll printer. The Colex Sharpcut Finishing System features an automated and easy-to-use workflow solution for nesting and optimizing media.

Now you can:

  • Reduce costs and turnaround time on short-run applications
  • Turn outsourced jobs into in-house revenue opportunities
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Reduce waste and increase profits

The Colex Sharpcut Conveyer can be used for a variety of applications:

Removal of Finished Jobs: The Sharpcut Conveyor efficiently speeds up the removal of finished jobs from the cutting table.

Fabrics/Textiles Cutting: Combine the Sharpcut Conveyor with the Roll Feeder and the Clamping Bar to cut fabrics/textiles.

Board Cutting Pallet to Pallet: Combine the Sharpcut Conveyor with the Automatic Board Feeder (including Pallet Table) and Clamping Bar for board cutting. Cuts up to 70 boards (soft) 4’ X 8’ per hour.

Sharpcut Conveyor Automation Options

Automatic Board Feeder

The automatic board feeder is designed to load semi-rigid to rigid boards from the pallet table onto the conveyor belt. It is designed to work with a large array of material sizes and thicknesses.

Pallet Table

When used with the Automatic Board Feeder, the pallet table will automatically maintain the material height. The pallet table drops down to 6″ in height for easy loading and unloading.

Clamping Bar

The clamping bar ensures that the material advances at the same rate as the belt while advancing down the table. The clamping bar is to be used in conjunction with either the Roll Feeder or the Automatic Board Feeder to ensure consistent material placement before cutting.

Roll Feeder

For manual and automatic feeding of flexible rolls.

Triple Interchangeable Tool Head

The unique design of the Colex Sharpcut’s triple interchangeable tool head allows your operator to transition from routing, knife-cutting, and kiss-cutting rapidly. By default, the Colex Sharpcut includes a fixed knife, an oscillating knife, and a router, allowing you to maximize the full capability of the table for a multitude of applications. Optional add-on tools are available for customization to suit your specific needs and workflow.

Vision Registration

The Colex Sharpcut is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns your digital cutting table into a true short-run production system. This powerful solution provides unmatched productivity by intelligently finishing your graphics with the highest accuracy and efficiency. It includes a camera system powered by Colex Cut Center that individually adjusts your cut files to accurately match your printed graphics and read any diameter registration mark, crop mark or square resulting in highly efficient production.