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Don't Miss Out on the 2015 Tax Credit!

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Each year our Federal Government provides us with an incentive to invest in our own business and save taxes. This is a tax law (known as 179 deductions) that provides for a “tax expensing election.” the tax law is in place to encourage a business owner to purchase new or used equipment to help build and grow the value of their business.

The idea is, if a company purchases a new printer that allows them to offer new products to their customers, they generate more income, the business grows and more employees are hired. This in turn circulates more money and the economy grows, generating a wider, higher earning pool of taxpayers.

This law is especially beneficial to small business. Each year the amount of tax free money you spend on equipment may change. Right now the “tax expensing election maximum” for 2015 is $25,000. It means that you can purchase more equipment because your tax bill for the current year will be lower— you are using the tax savings to partially fund your purchase, as opposed to using money left after taxes have been taken out.

Allow Uncle Sam to invest in your business-- the best return on your tax dollars. Let TyrrellTech help you take advantage of a great incentive program! 888-865-0300